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Massages Offered


Infrared Sauna:
Pain relief (joint pain, muscular arthritis), immproves immune system, helps with skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, acne), strengthn cardio-vascular system, controls blood pressure and helps with stress.

Swedish Massage:
General relaxation to aid in reducing pain, joint stiffness, boost immune system, improve circulation, and reduce stress and headaches.

Hot Stone Massage:
Application of water heated stones to aid in healing of mind, body, and soul. Improves circulation, stress and muscle pain.

Deep Tissue Massage:
Focus on the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Breaks up adhesions that block circulation that causes pain.
Pregnancy Massage:
Reduce stress and swelling. Relieves aches and pains when choices for relief, such as medication, are limited.

Sports Massage:
Reduces injury through proper stretching, improve range of motion and flexibility. 

Chair Massage:
Referred to as "on-site" since chair is portable, Massage is 5 - 15 minutes focusing on key tension areas in back, neck, shoulders and arms.